What is Horticultural Therapy?

Horticultural Therapy uses plants and gardening activities to help people. As a Horticultural Therapy Intern, I focus my efforts on working with Adolescents and adults with disabilities. In my role at a local school I teach horticultural skills to help students get employment in various parts of the green industry. Horti-Hope also builds waist high raised beds at the cost of supplies using volunteers for schools and organizations and then provides ongoing training to the students or participants. ‚Äč

Horti-Hope offers many services

The Service you are looking for will depend on whether you are a school, a family with a minor child or an adult client. We are trained Horticulture Professionals who also have extensive training in Education, Social Work or Psychology. HortiHope's goal is to provide gardening experiences that help to improve your quality of life. In the Spring of 2022, We began a partnership with Akhil Autism Foundation to be their sole provider of Virtual Horticultural Education in the US and India.

There has been extensive research showing the benefits of gardening activities on mental health. We want to put this research to work for you. Some activities we can facilitate include the following.

General Plant Care Training

Plant Propagation Lessons*

Disease & Pest ID

Disease & Pest Treatment

Plant Identification

Horticulture Equipment Recommendations

Seasonal Container Gardens*

Terrarium and Fairy Garden Building*

Pressed Flower Creations*

Decorated Pumpkins*

Dried Flower Arts*

Flower and Evergreen Arrangements*

All projects and training are based on Universal Design Principles

For Schools and Non-Profits we offer consulting services to help set up an in-house Vocational Training Program

We also facilitate Parties for all ages and abilities for make and take items listed above.

(*) Denotes Make and Take item